What is Resilience?

Resilience is our capacity to cope with the stresses and challenges of everyday life, learn from them and thrive.

I know from my research that mental health is so important. It means a healthy functioning mind but it’s rough out there and to maintain a healthy mind we need the skills to manage the stresses and challenges we face.

These include our worries over such things as money or our health. Plus the complexities of working and interacting with people, many of which can be tricky to manage and some people can be difficult to be around. Or it may be a general feeling of being overwhelmed by the demands we’re facing in our work or home life.

It’s when you lose the battle to struggle to cope that mental ill-health occurs; stress, anxiety and depression or even panic-disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder or phobias. All these conditions are growing as this global, digital world with no boundaries gets ever more demanding and crazier.

Resilience is a Skill we can all Develop

The good news is that resilience is not a talent that some are fortunate enough to have and others not. It is a skill that everyone can and indeed must learn.

This skill comes from the attitude you have when faced with a challenge and what you subsequently do – we have a choice and it’s how we evaluate and use our choices. It’s about knowing who you are, what’s important to you and doing the best you can to prevent those challenges from impacting you physically and mentally. It’s having the flexibility to cope, no matter what.

Resilience takes practice, primarily because we tend to spend most of our lives on autopilot so we’re not used to thinking freely. Switching off our autopilot and becoming conscious of the here and now, how you feel and the consequences of this assessment, helps you take back control.

Taking Back Control is at the Heart of Building Resilience

If you want to be more resilient and take back control then consider having some Resilience Coaching. My new book, “How to Prevent Burnout” is all about strengthening your resilience. Also, take a look at my Resilience Training Company website with information about Train the Trainer programmes for resilience building.
And here are my top ten tips

Top 10 Tips for Growing your Personal Resilience

  1. Come off autopilot and open your mind. It’s about disengaging the subconscious part of your mind and using your logic and reasoning.
  2. Know who you are and how you react. This is the first step in coming off autopilot. What are the things in life you value? Who is ‘brand you’?
  3. Be aware of what your current capacity to cope really is. It helps to always know what skills and abilities you have, even limitations.
  4. Take ownership of how you react to stresses and challenges. No one can solve it for you, only you.
  5. Identify your choices. Yes, you have a choice and you need to choose what will give you the best possible outcome that does not trigger your stress response (fight or flight response).
  6. Think of problems as intriguing challenges rather than problems. What you’re experiencing is just that; a challenge and you need to identify what’s causing it and be creative about solving it.
  7. Find strategies to manage the chaos of life. This will mean finding ways to manage your time, deal with an ever-growing workload and minimise interruptions.
  8. Have a toolkit of stress reducing activities to draw on. What can you do to reduce worries and anxiety? In many cases it’s about doing something that fully absorbs you, such as mindfulness, exercise or yoga.
  9. Be emotionally intelligent. This means using social skills that help you to get on well with people. They will reciprocate and make your life a lot easier!
  10. Connect socially. Family and friends play a key role in resilience, make sure you see them regularly. It’s all part of our innate survival.

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