Read and Learn. Accelerate your Development

Read and learn if you want to accelerate your development. In my twenties I didn’t do enough learning! There was too much going on – work, partying, relationships, hobbies, that I didn’t feel I had any time to spare to learn. And it was a response to having spent all of my first twenty years learning anyway…school university etc.

On reflection that was a mistake. However it took me a while to realise that and afterwards, I’ve tried to keep learning everyday. Whether formally or informally.

Read and Learn

There are two main ways we learn – from our personal experiences and from other’s experiences i.e. doing or read and learn.

Mostly, most of us tend to reference our personal experience. And that is no bad thing, not at all. but it is necessarily limited, to our own experience (obviously) and also to our own frame of reference i.e. it’s all experienced through the lenses of our values, beliefs and abilities. That means we tend to learn the stuff that reinforces our world view and tend to discount that which challenges our world view.

Read and learn can cut through that bias, and help us become more effective and successful. If we do it and if we reflect on what we read.

Okay, it takes  time – a little or a lot, but it’s flexible – you can read anywhere.

So if I’ve convinced you to try a little reading, here are some people who’s writing challenges my thoughts and from whom I do learn…something

Who would you add to this list?

How to prevent burnout and reignite your life and career
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