Read about How to Prevent Burnout in the News

Read about How to Prevent Burnout in the press and on the web. I’m delighted that so many publications have mentioned my book since it was published in October. Here is a list of them, together with links and some pictures;

On the 15th NoTop Tips To Prevent Burnoutvember, Family Friendly Working carried an article from me in which I listed some of my Top Tips to Prevent Burnout for busy mums and dads.

LID Radio recorded a podcast with me and published it on the 11th December. You can listen here

Management Today9 ways to prevent burnout at work.

Are you exhausted, overwhelmed and on the verge of burnout? Nutritionist, business psychologist and best-selling author Susan Scott shares tips on how to cope.

Read about How to Prevent Burnout in Management Today

My book has also been written about in the Association of British Psychologist’s monthly newsletter.

Read about How to Prevent Burnout in The Fuss

TheFuss - Read about How to Prevent BurnoutThe Fuss carried an article about my book on the 11th October

Other articles and comments appeared in the Daily Express and Prima Magazine

Susan Scott
How to prevent burnout and reignite your life and career
How to have an outstanding career

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