Another “Week on Twitter and Instagram” Update

Two weeks ago we wrote about how we have started to share inspiring, thought provoking and challenging quotes on both our Twitter and Instagram feeds. We hope you’ve had a chance to see them and that you are getting something from them.

It’s proving to be an interesting and thought provoking exercise. One of the challenges is coming up with the ideas and material to share. The other challenge is finding the time to interact with people and to share their ideas and thoughts. The danger is that we simply use these tools as another ‘broadcasting’ mechanism, when the real value comes from sharing, communicating and listening.

The importance of Being Trustworthy

On a related point – being trustworthy is just as important in the social ‘world’ as it is in any other ‘world.’ Just because you have a presence, that certainly does not mean people will be bothered or interested. Hence the importance of making some clear decisions about your purpose, strategy, consistency and commitment.

As I write this I realise that what I’m saying is no different to the message in my book…just applied to another part of life.

And I also appreciate that ‘You can’t have it all now’ is also true. Building a reputation in the social world takes time…but it is all to easy to destroy it.

I must also mention Connie – she is becoming a little star on Instagram. In fact, anything with her picture is ‘liked’ by more people than anything else we post.

The future consists of creating more things to share and responding more intuitively to what others share whilst learning, learning, learning.


What We’ve Shared this Week on Twitter and Instagram

Let Us Know

We’d love to hear your stories, comments and thoughts on this, so do please send them to us. Plus any ideas or great quotes you’d like us to use in our Twitter and Instagram streams.

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